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Cyberbullying – the hidden hurt

Cyberbullying is the use of technology to bully a person or group with the intent to hurt them socially, psychologically or even physically.

I think my child is being bullied

Your child may not tell you if they are experiencing bullying behaviour online because of a fear it might make things worse for them or they may lose access to their devices and the internet.

Signs to watch for:

  • being upset after using the internet or their mobile phone

  • changes in personality, becoming more withdrawn, anxious, sad or angry

  • appearing more lonely or distressed

  • unexpected changes in friendship groups

  • a decline in their school work

  • changes in their sleep patterns

  • avoidance of school or clubs

  • a decline in their physical health

  • becoming secretive about their online activities and mobile phone use

What does cyberbullying look like?

Examples of cyberbullying include:

  • abusive texts and emails

  • hurtful messages, images or videos

  • imitating, excluding or humiliating others online

  • spreading nasty online gossip and chat

  • creating fake accounts in someone’s name to trick or humiliate them

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