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Distance Exam Proctoring Software

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

As examiners it's important to set out rules for the Learner to ensure a fully controlled environment, the outline might look something like this:

The computer you use to take the test ; is a major source of lack of control when it comes to online exams. There are other exam proctoring solutions on the market but in our opnion has the best range of functionality and price. In fact comes in much lower than the solutions you may only need once a year and senso can be used on your school devices all year around for all manner things see tools you can choose from here

-Through's thorough device level Monitoring capabilities you can provide an environment that is entirely secure and fully monitored:

-Logs of all activity (application, web, windows... there is even a keystroke monitor) that can be scrutinised afterwards should questions arise.

-The exam Invigilator can also view all the students screens in real time from anywhere in the world, message them, take screenshots of questionable activity and remotely assist the student.

-The device specifications can be checked beforehand for any performance issues that may slow the student down and remote assistance tools are available as well as Asset Management

-Programs such as Excel, Word, or PowerPoint and Communication programs such as Skype can be fully blocked and websites easily whitelisted.

Senso GBP Prices here (contact us for a localised quote)

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